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Alphacam Updates

Alphacam releases 4 full updates per year.

Support and Maintenance Plan Coverage for your Alphacam System

Protect your Alphacam investment.

All new Alphacam systems come with support and maintenance coverage for one year.


  • covers licensing issues

  • assistance with installation/activation

  • issues with main program function

  • features and modules executing correctly

  • correction of post-processor output

Technical support, by email or telephone is provided at no additional charge to customers who have a new (one year or less) system, or have updated their support and maintenance plan within the previous year.

Please note that technical support does not include user training.


  • keeps your system up to date with latest releases

  • provides all the most recent patches and fixes

  • enables 24/7 access to the Hexagon customer portal

  • provides anytime software downloads, license access

  • access to the Nexus users community forums

  • license protection/replacement against loss or theft

  • Maintain compatibility with Windows updates and 3rd party CAD


(Please note that these benefits are available to current release customers only ie: systems that are updated yearly and do not have lapsed support and maintenance.)


Get the Latest Version

Missed an update or two? Need support, post-processors or additional seats for expanded production and staff on an old Alphacam system? Want to take advantage of new features, functionality and the streamlined architecture of Alphacm Re-imagined?

Network vs. Standalone Licenses

Alphacam licenses are available as standalone, single-user installations on one PC at a time, or as a LAN network installation available to any user's pc on your network. The advantage of network licensing is that the license and the license multipliers may be shared without limit across the network providing the number of users  at one time does not exceed the number of Alphacam core (the required base program of Alphacam) seats available.

License Transfers

Selling an Alphacam license to another company or user is not permitted by the Alphacam End-user Agreement. However, it is common to see computers and cnc machines being re-sold with Alphacam systems in place. A license acquired in this way can be transferred by paying a fee and the outstanding support and maintenance to register with the new user and to give that user an up to date system complete with support and maintenance coverage.

What happened to key "dongles"?

Hexagon has discontinued the use of removable USB license dongles across all Hexagon brands. All license keys, going forward, including replacements for physical USB license media, will be of the virtual, software type.

Alphacam Licensing.
Things to know.

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