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Alphacam Multipliers and Modules


  • 2D - 3D machining (3-axis)

  • 3D engraving (3-axis)

  • Lathe (2.5-axis)

  • Laser / waterjet (2-axis)

  • Stone cutting custom functionality (sawing, polishing, and more)

  • Wire EDM (2-axis)

  • Import CAD files

  • Parametric sketching

  • Thread milling

  • Basic multi-drill functionality

  • 2D CAD creation and editing

  • Utilities to handle STL mesh files

  • Full machining simulation

  • Common line removal for CAD repair (prepare for manufacture)

  • 3D disc machining

  • Standard reporting functionalities, including labels.

Multipliers. Just what you need, and no more.

Add to your Alphacam Core system only the functionality you need to get the job done. Any multiplier can be added to a currently-supported Alphacam system at any time when the need arises.

Alphacam network licenses allow you to share lesser-used, but necessary multipliers amongst the licensed users on your network, saving substantial cost.

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