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Alphacam Training

Alphacam is one of the most intuitive CAD/CAM systems available. Even so, the sheer scope of work it can accomplish and the powerful range of tools it provides means that quality training will ensure production-ready results from your investment in the shortest possible time.

We offer our customers Alphacam training based on decades of experience with Alphacam and years spent on the shop floor. Providing the knowledge and understanding you need to get the job done right is the goal with targeted Alphacam training. We will always try to focus on the specific needs of your staff and production demands.

Training Options



The most cost-effective option, online training is offered as needed on an hourly basis. Whether you need a one hour refresher or a mult-hour, in-depth session, we will work around your schedule and availability.

REQUIREMENTS: Alphacam software, Internet-connected Windows 10 or 11 pc with speaker and microphone.


Max. 3 trainees per session

For situations where your staff cannot travel or the training and setup demands are particularly complex, training is available at your office or at a nearby facility (We Work office etc.)

REQUIREMENTS: Alphacam software on Windows 10 or 11 (Pro) laptop - one per trainee.

5 Axis Integration OnSite

3 Day Minimum
Max. 3 trainees

Due to the complex nature of 5 axis post processor integration and the machine testing required, we bundle targeted 5 axis training with on-site work performed by an Alphacam 5 axis expert.

REQUIREMENTS: Alphacam software with Simultaneous Multiplier, minimum user experience with Alphacam of 3 months, access to production facility with the 5 axis machine.

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