Every new ALPHACAM license activation includes support and maintenance coverage. Users are given access to the ALPHACAM support portal. Included in the portal are:
  • FAQs - answers to frequently asked questions about technical issues, installation and licensing
  • Support Forums - questions from other users with answers from the ALPHACAM customer base and support engineers
  • Knowledge Base - solutions to known issues, continuously updated
  • Technical Support Cases - submit a technical support question to support engineers in email format
  • Downloads of software updates - the most recent software releases, bug fixes and add-ons from ALPHACAM
  • Training materials - many of the lastest new features explained with examples in pdf and video format
  • Telephone tech support - a no-extra cost, callback support service. Please note support is for issues of software function and is provided to keep our customer base running production with as little interruption as possible. Training-related questions cannot be handled by support staff.

*FREE* maintenance includes key insurance - If your ALPHACAM license key is lost or stolen, ALPHACAM will replace your key for a small charge while you are on an active support and Maintenance plan.

*FREE* full functionality of report creator - You can design and save unlimited styles of labels and report forms. These include a wide range of selectable data, logos, bar codes and more in a variety of sizes and formats. Functionality of this option is enabled as long as there is an active Support and Maintenance plan.

*FREE* new releases as they become available - ALPHACAM is constantly evolving under the guidance of software engineers working together around the globe. Industry input is crucial to the ongoing development of all ALPHACAM products. As such, ALPHACAM improves and changes with improvements and changes in industry. The refinements and enhancements with each release are yours as they become available on your current Support and Maintenance plan.

*Support and maintenance packages renew on their anniversary date*.


The goal of consulting is working together to achieve best results. Sometimes this is when a new piece of machinery or a new product line is introduced into the manufacturing environment. Other times it is for the implementation of existing equipment with new software and IT infrastructure.

The unique needs of your business can react with these and other issues in many complex ways, some beneficially, some not.

Working together with machinery distributors, 3rd party software suppliers and private contractors, Vectorline has provided some of Canada's leading manufacturers with a diverse range of onsite and online consulting services. From new plant layout to custom drawing and programming to feasibility studies and recommendations, we can help in times of plant transition, business growth and product evaluation.

Using our network of industry-leading specialists, we can tailor and optimize your Alphcam-integrated manufacturing.
Vero Products


Existing ALPHACAM customers needing to bring their software up to date and renew their Support and Maintenance go here.


Looking for update training for new staff or advanced training for existing staff? Go here.


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