850 AlphaCAM Links to HOMAG CNC-Machines

HOMAG & Licom announced at HOMAG Treff 2013 that a total of 850 installations between woodWOP and the CAD/CAM System AlphaCAM have been reached.  Both parties trust the ongoing success: A new target of 1.000 installations has now been set for the HOMAG Treff in 2014.
The success is attributed to the perfect team-work between both software systems. The technical link enables HOMAG customers to extend the excellent wop-features of woodWOP with the proven, extensive CAD/CAM functionality of AlphaCAM.
Programs generated in AlphaCAM are transferred directly to woodWOP, through a user interface on the Weeke and HOMAG machines.
The link is developed by Licom Systems Germany and as it supports all woodWOP formats it outputs the AlphaCAM NC code up to 5-axis simultaneous machining into various woodWOP objects.
Even the Licom´s 5-axes swivel saw cuts on inside corners with tilted edges are outputted as 3D Saw cycles for woodWOP. The benefit is that programs can be opened and displayed on the machine, just as if they had been written in woodWOP.
The system allows for the generated programs to be easily adapted on the machine. By outputting the tool numbers and the cut- and down-feeds in easy-to-edit woodWOP variables, adjustments to the generated program can be made instantly and stress-free.
The interface means users see woodWOP and AlphaCAM as one display, because programs stored in AlphaCAM are automatically shown in woodWOP. This means there is no difficult manual file transfer between the systems. Another advantage: the code for 5-axis simultaneous machining is generated as a Universal Macro, which is embedded as direct G-Code in the woodWOP file.
Licom AlphaCAM’s market leading functionality is specialized to maximize the potential of woodworking machines: Optimized 3D CNC toolpaths work very well with the features of the HOMAG controller and lead to perfect contours, i.e. while cutting in 5-axes with the tool side.
HOMAG and Licom have set a joint target of 1.000 integrated links by the next HOMAG Treff, in 2014.


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