TOP 10 New Features in ALPHACAM 2016 R1 - Watch the Videos



Automation Manager

  • an updated, expanded replacement for CAD to CAM.
  • Automation Manager marks a new architecture for automated production of input files from 3rd party software.
  • projected future development will increase functionality and features in coming releases.



  • 2016 R1 showcases many productivity and usability enhancements.
  • a number of must-haves are included in this release for manufacturers at all levels and in many different industries.


File Inserter

  • File Inserter is a visually-oriented method of brining geometries in from other ALPHACAM files.
  • This is a remarkably powerful feature that leverages the functionality of Parametric Sketching and 2D Transform.


Auto-Update Material

  • Auto-Update Materials shows ALPHACAM's continuing development of feature associativity.
  • Intelligence within the program associates the tooling operations with the remaining stock.
  • Aircuts are thereby minimized, saving machining cycle time.



  • Another area where associativity has been applied to ALPHACAM's programming logic is in the definition and application of material clamps.
  • Clamps may be defined to move automatically with repositioned material.



  • ALPHACAM has redesigned many of the machining dialogs with a streamlined tabbed interface.
  • The user can move quickly from one set of selections to another and interact dynamically with the drawing elements for the setting of machining levels.


Parametric Sketcher

  • An exciting inclusion in the 2016 R1 release is the Parametric Sketcher, providing parametric capabilities beginning at the Standard level of ALPHACAM.
  • A simplified version of Parametric constraints, the Parametric Sketcher is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the File Inserter.



  • ALPHACAM's industry-leading saw control continues to advance with new features for stone, wood and metal manufacturers.
  • Scatch-cutting (scoring) is now supported for laminate cutting as is the machining of internal arcs and profiles with a saw blade.


Advanced Simulation

  • Advanced Simulation is invaluable for the creation of error-free toolpaths.
  • Collision-avoidance is the highlight of this feature with new capabilities of simulating solid model cutters and tool holders.


2D Transform

  • 2D Transform brings together 4 individual functions of core ALPHACAM in one handy tool.
  • Rotate, scale, move and stretch are manipulated easily and quickly with this feature.
  • 2D transform is activated automatically with all geometries included into the active drawing by the File Insert command.


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