Case studies - ALPHACAM in Industry

Taken from around the globe, these in-depth studies of ALPHACAM on the job illustrate how manufacturers are leveraging the capabilities of their software to achieve outstanding results. Each is linked to a .pdf file for viewing or download.


CNC machine manufacturer for watchmakers

Almac, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision cnc machines for medical, aerospace, electronics  and watchmaking applications - produces machines with exceptionally fine tolerances. Read how Almec relies on ALPHACAM to create the NC code responsible for their high quality product.

Point of interest: Specialized ALPHACAM macros for texturing.


CNC machinery delivered with ALPHACAM programs pre-loaded

Bumotec custom-builds cnc machinery for the exacting watch-making industry. Customer's parts are programmed in ALPHACAM and tested on the machines prior to delivery. As a complete engineering solution, ALPHACAM verified toolpath programs are shipped with the machinery order.

Point of interest: Waveform high-speed machining.


9 axis cnc driven by ALPHACAM for medical applications

Croom Precision Medical creates very precise, highly finished medical components such as joint implants. The user-friendly interface in ALPHACAM allows for quick and accurate programming of very complex parts.

Point of interest: CAD and CAM functions used for 3, 5 and 9 axis programming.


Wire, flame, mill and turning - ALPHACAM runs entire cnc production

Darby's Machine Shop runs their entire cnc production using ALPHACAM modules. Programming off the shop floor results in consistency and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.


Point of interest: Post-processor support in ALPHACAM for versatility.


Research institution creates its own equipment with ALPHACAM

The National Oceanography Centre uses ALPHACAM at its labratory to manufacture complex components for deep sea craft. Prototyping with ALPHACAM is a large part of thier design process.


Point of interest: Inventor input directly into ALPHACAM.


ALPHACAM cuts complex stone components for stunning project

The Sagrada Familia Foundation employs ALPHACAM in the production of grand-scale architectural stone for a Spanish National Treasure. Read how a project in its 2nd century of continuous construction benefits from ALPHACAM's superior CAM execution.

Point of interest: Highly complex solids imported from Catia into ALPHACAM



Limestone spiral staircase executed with ALPHACAM programming

Toffolo Stirling has realized new levels of manufacturing capability using ALPHACAM. Machining much thicker material than in previous projects, collisions and part-fouling detection was a critical feature available in ALPHACAM.

Point of interest: Time-saving for the programming process


Laser-cut dies incorporate Braille with ALPHACAM

Truform Laser Dies need to meet the challenge of programming die blanks with text in Braille. As a process previously sub-contracted, Truform now programs the brass masters on a dedicated machine using ALPHACAM-produced code.

Point of interest: Automation and precision for fast turnaround with ALPHACAM


Choose the Right Level


Our most technically advanced edition for live 4 and 5 axis machining.


For 3 axis machining with parametrics and full automation utilities.


For 3 axis machining without parametric drawing capabilities.


Basic 3 axis machining at an affordable price.

Shop Floor

For operators and shop supervisors to open and examine ALPHACAM files.




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