Training and Site Visits During the Covid 19 Outbreak

Due to the potential for the rapid transmission of the Coronavirus and the serious impact that could have on the health of our clients, their employees and our business partners, our Alphacam training courses will be delivered online using Teamviewer. All site visits will be conducted remotely by virtual meetings.

Our training team has prepared by developing a new curriculum and scheduling class work to suit online presentation. We believe that this will be even more effective than the traditional on-site training that we have been doing for years.

We are determined to continue to provide the best Alphacam training, in the most effective way, so you can continue to meet your manufacturing objectives during this challenging time. The health and safety of all our friends, all our neighbors, all our family members - and this of course, means all of our customers, their families and business partners - should be foremost at this time.

We all need to continue conducting our businesses, and our lives so that we can continue to grow and prosper. This can be done - and it will be done - through co-operation, discussion and through the use of the brilliant technology we have at hand.

We are committed to moving onward and upward during trying times. And we are committed to helping all our great Alphacam customers do the same!


Paul Demchuk,


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