On-Site Training

On-site training may be arranged at your plant or office for trainees wishing to take courses listed in the ALPHACAM syllabus or for custom training on topics of their choosing. An accredited ALPHACAM trainer will arrive on-site with training materials, temporary ALPHACAM licenses and a digital projector to conduct classes at your facility. This is often the most convenient way to get training since students do not have to arrange travel and accomodation and work projects/equipment are close at hand for program testing.

Arrangements for on-site training are often made during software purchase negotiations, however, update and additional training can also be arranged separately through the web-form below.

Please note the following requirements for on-site training:

  • Each student requires his own Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8x pc. The instructor will supply ALPHACAM training licenses for students who do not have their own.
  • Students should have the prerequisite experience or training relevant to the selected course, The daily course agenda proceeds based upon the assumption of familiarity with certain concepts and functions within ALPHACAM where applicable. Experience with Windows-based computing is a must in all cases. Please refer to the ALPHACAM Course Syllabus page for details on prerequisites to Advanced courses.
  • A dedicated office, boardroom or meeting space will be required with desks and seating for those in attendance.
  • When more than one student is being trained, a projector screen or similar surface will be required for the instructor's projector to facilitate lesson examples.
  • On-site training is booked and paid for in advance. Please ensure that students are prepared and that interruptions during class are kept to a minimum. There are no refunds in the event that students do not learn the course material for any reason.


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