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Online training is accomplished by one-on-one teacher and student interactions using desktop sharing software across the internet. These are sessions are incremented hourly to allow trainees to learn new skills within the framework of a busy work schedule. For certain subject matter this is ideal as it provides the student with enough new material to practice between sessions and an information block that is not too overwhelming. With this in mind, it is suggested that online sessions do not exceed 2 hours at a time.

Please note that these class presentations are not webinar style. These are live, interactive sessions with a dedicated instructor. While ideal for certain topics, the segmented nature of this type of training is not recommended for long or complex sessions where the instructor introduces new concepts cumulatively throughout the class. For this reason Introductory ALPHACAM, Advanced 3D, Part Modeler and APM training are not available online.

Arrangements for online training are arranged with you by telephone. A follow-up confirmation email is sent once the time is determined and class fees are paid. A Teamviewer desktop sharing link complete with schedule time is included.

Please note the following requirements for online training:

  • Each student requires his own Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8x pc with a working connection to high-speed internet. Please ensure you have a current ALPHACAM installation loaded and functional on this pc.
  • Students should have the prerequisite experience or training relevant to the selected course, Course agendas proceed based upon the assumption of familiarity with certain concepts and functions within ALPHACAM where applicable. Experience with Windows-based computing is a must in all cases. Please refer to the ALPHACAM Course Syllabus page for details on prerequisites to Advanced courses.
  • Best results are achieved using an audio headset, although the telephone may also be used. PC speakers and pc microphone tend to echo and are least favored.
  • Please indicate a preference for morning or afternoon sessions. You may pay for each hourly session at a time to keep your costs in line with what you need. We use Paypal payment for speedy and secure transactions.
  • Online training is booked and paid for in advance. Please ensure that students are prepared and that interruptions during class are kept to a minimum. There are no refunds in the event that students do not learn the course material for any reason.


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