In-House Training Venues

Vectorline provides in-house training at the offices of select machinery dealers who host course sessions for their customers as a branded service. Regional classes are also offered at corporate meeting facilities in larger cities around Canada and the USA.

Although this involves travel time and expense, some trainees find this a good solution. The change of venue and focused priorities of classroom training, without the possibility of work interruptions, can result in a more thorough learning experience. Regional classes are charged at a per-student rate as opposed to the flat, daily rate of on-site classes. The difference can be a cost-savings when only one trainee is involved, even with travel expenses included.

Class schedules are developed at the discretion of the trainer - ALPHACAM and/or Radan in the USA and Vectorline in Canada. As such, a particular course may not be available on a specific date. We will, whenever possible, accomodate trainees to a date nearest their target time.

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We have been working closely with our machinery partners for the past 15 years with:
  • ALPHACAM demos, seminars and open-house support - showing off your cnc products with ALPHACAM.
  • In-house training sessions at your offices
  • Customer training for machinery that ships bundled with ALPHACAM
  • Your custom-branded ALPHACAM software and training packages.

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