ALPHACAM Advanced Router Update

For the convenience of our single license users, we have set up secure, automated maintenance plan renewals through PayPal.

The link below will redirect your browser to a secure Paypal payment window with your correct invoice amount. Enter your company, address and payment details securely and confidentially. You do NOT need a Paypal account.



   ALPHACAM Advanced Router, Standalone license - $1,949.50 CDN. plus tax.

You will receive the latest release on DVD in the mail. You may also download the most recent software from your ALPHACAM portal account (which will be activated for another year). Support, updates, portal access, the ALPHACAM Report Creator and key insurance are included for one year with your update.


Please note that after June 26, 2015  a price increase will take effect for all support and maintenance plans that are 180 days past expiry date. This will follow Vero corporate update pricing policy. Advanced systems will be $3899.12 for the first license and  $2339.47 for each additional seat.  Don't let your coverage lapse.



Protect Your Investment


Keeping your ALPHACAM current by renewing your Maintenance and Support Plan protects you in several important ways:


  1. Supporttechnical support and access to your ALPHACAM support portal is a key benefit to keeping your software Maintenance up-to-date. Your production could depend on it.

  2. Key Insurance – included with your Maintenance plan is key insurance for replacement of lost or stolen license keys. Replacement cost otherwise can be very high.

  3. New Releases – ALPHACAM releases new updates, on average, twice yearly. Past updates have included Parametric Constraints, Geometry Queries, Spaceclaim support and Bridge Nesting. Don't miss potential time-saving and money making features as they become available.

  4. Compatibility – ALPHACAM is under constant development to stay at the forefront of the CAD/CAM industry. Tuning each release to the current version of Windows is critical for high-performance computing. Optimize your new pc purchases with ALPHACAM current release.

  5. File Cooperation – whether 3rd-party filetype support is important in your industry, or you just need some specific help from us, you'll want to be able to open files generated with modern releases of ALPHACAM or current AutoCAD, Spaceclaim and other software solutions. Stay up-to-date to keep accessible with the CAD/CAM world at-large.

  6. Report Creator – Report Creator is an indispensable tool in industries with high-volume nested output. It is similar to other highly customizable and full-featured standalone report software. It functions under a time-limited license tied to your Maintenance plan.

  7. Avoid Past Update Fees – Need a second key? Getting a new Windows 8.1 pc? Still using a parallel port dongle? If you are using an out of date ALPHACAM installation, you must update to receive an additional or modern license type (usb or keyless). This means lapsed update fees will be in effect. Stay current and avoid the hassle.

  8. Your update dollars pay for ongoing development, enhancements and improvements to ALPHACAM. Without this constant effort we could not continue to offer our customers the competitive edge ALPHACAM has always provided.





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